Green Tea – A Tasty N Healthy Medicine

Green tea has marked its impact all over the world being the healthiest beverage.  A sip of green tea can bring lots of health benefits. The reason behind its popularity is the flavonoids present in the tea that is responsible for the health benefits. Catechins in green tea are considered as more powerful than Vitamins C and E in terms of halting the oxidative damage to cells.

If you are in seek of having a healthy body or thinking about losing weight, nothing is better than green tea. Here, we are listing some of the important health benefits of having green tea on daily basis.

Minimizes heart-related issues

Flavan-3-ols and anthocyanidin are two main antioxidants present in green tea answerable for improving the cardiovascular health. Not only this, the green tea has ACE inhibiting properties. Because of this the blood vessels get enlarge and blood pressure automatically reduces down. In turn, it leads to enhance the amount of blood reaching the heart.

Recover the skin quality

Most of the people have a doubt that whether green tea improve the skin texture or not. It is absolutely true that green tea has the antioxidants like polyphenols. Overall, these are responsible to cut down the ageing process and heal numerous types of skin disease. The result is young and rejuvenated skin. Above all, the catechins have the property to make your skin resistant to UV rays or inflammation.

Lower down the cholesterol level

The green tea’s mode of action is to minimize the LDL cholesterol level and enhance the amount of HDL.

Results in hydrating the body

The green tea offered by Benmoon The Ayurveda Shop has lots of hidden benefits. It is responsible for hydrating the body and ingrained you with lots of energy.

Helpful in weight losing

One of its important benefits is the weight loss. Epigallocatechin gallate is present as a bioactive substance that has a direct effect on boosting body metabolism. Another use of it is to cut down the stubborn belly fat.

Two cups of green tea daily are needed to start a refreshing new day.

Create balance in women’s hormone

Surprisingly, green tea is meant for pacifying the hormonal imbalance. The menstrual cycle becomes normal and there are no more muscle cramps.

Useful in fighting against depression

Thiamine is needed to relax the body and work as a tranquilizer in depression it is highly found in green tea.

Helpful in preventing cancer

According to the studies, polyphenols found in green tea is known for promoting anticancer activity. Actually, it interferes with the replication of tumor cell in blood vessels. Therefore, it is useful in fighting against this dreaded disease.

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