Air, Water, and Food

Yes, these are 3 very important factors affecting our daily life. We share these three on this planet EARTH. We are well aware that without these 3 essential elements we can’t survive, still, many of our activities are directly or indirectly polluting them every second.

Metro cities are facing very scary moments and life these days, where they are now no option but to lock themselves in their own house, children can’t go to school, people can’t even go for their earnings because of too much pollution, smoke.

Lacs of tankers is supplying water to many areas. Groundwater has become too much polluted. Vegetables, Fruits and other eatables are full of pesticides and other killing chemicals. This is very sad and will lead to very hazardous living conditions in future.

Under the leadership of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Government has initiated steps like “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”, Water resources management through Dam and canals etc. At this moment in the year 2018, I feel that efforts are insufficient. 8 megacities in the world are facing a shortage of water and are on the verge of witnessing no life in those so-called modern and high tech world. Put together it is so scary and future seems to be dark.

However, a ray of hope is still there if all of us become aware and do our part to restore the beautiful world. Our life can be full of joy, happiness, and health. We need to understand the basics, which we have ignored at the time. Like our wonderful planet earth, our body is full of water. Yes, we need pure air full of oxygen and healthy food to nurture our body.

Recently I attended a train the trainer seminar of Benmoon pharma research Pvt ltd., at Daman in Gujarat. I still remember Mr. Sharma guiding us about how to initiate the process of counseling. He presented a solution for acidic water. He said the water purified from R.O. system becomes unhealthy because of low minerals and acidic nature. Basically, our body must have alkalinity to avoid major diseases and live healthily.

Alkaline water is the need of the hour. From last 10 years, we are having issues of knee replacement and joint pains, heart attack at an early age, aging and so on. All these diseases are growing at rapid speed. One main reason is our drinking water, it has to be alkaline. One of the miraculous product of Benmoon is Alkapure, it works in seconds. Yes I took a glass of R.O. water and checked the ph level it was found acidic (below 7 on ph chart). Then as suggested by Dr. Sharma, I added few drops of Alkapure to it. I again checked the ph level it was 9, means it became alkaline. It was a pleasant surprise, yes I got a solution for drinking water.

The best part is I can carry the little bottle with me anywhere and can water alkaline. It is costing me Rs. 2 per liter compared to Rs. 55 per liter alkaline water bottle in the market. I am relaxed now because I have a scientific, clinically tested and FDA approved Ayurveda medicine yet affordable solution to one of the biggest threat to my life called acidic water.

I also got few more solutions as far as Cancer, Diabetes, Blood pressure, joint pain, early aging, migraine, joint replacement etc are a concern. Stay with me for more. At we believe in “Health and Wealth for All”.

By: Kishor Dubey

Fouder and promoter of