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Benmoon Ayurveda is the parent company of our group. We all under Benmoon Ayurveda World (BAW) are an independent business owner and business associate of Benmoon Ayurveda.

We are a group of young aspiring professionals who have joined hands to accomplish our Vision and mission. Our vision is “Health and Wealth for All. Our mission is “20 Mega Shop and 200 Micro Shop with 1 lac Associates in 2018”.

We believe that when Benmoon has provided us with world best products and medicine then it is our responsibility to spread the awareness and reach to each and every person in the world. To facilitate our team and associates we have launched this website.

We have Doctors, Engineers, Management Gurus, businessmen, Ex Airforce, Educationalist, Filmmaker, Health consultants, Garbhsanskar specialist and such other intellectuals and experienced brains with us to reach out to all those who believe in Health and wealth can go parallel.

We believe in providing opportunities to all of them who have a zeal for growth. We have the infrastructure and other basics to facilitate all our business associates. We believe in training the youth not only to get employment but to provide employment. YES each of us is capable to provide employment.

We believe in our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas”. He is a real hero and we get energy from him.

We are promoting Ayurveda. Ayurveda is more than a 5,000-year-old system of natural wellbeing, prevention, and healing. Ayurveda has its roots in the Vedic culture of Bharat. We are proud to be Bhartiya. It is our duty and responsibility to share the facts and fruits of Ayurveda to the world.

Benmoon and Dr. Dinesh Kacha have given us this opportunity, we all are thankful to Benmoon. Our mentors are Shri Tejesh Pandya, Shri Parthiv Vyas, and his team.

Let us give our best towards “Health and Wealth for All”. Long live Benmoon.

Why choose The Ayurveda Shop?

We Export and earn foreign revenue for Nation.
Building Immunity, Getting better, Anti-ageing, Healthy and Glowing Skin
Reduces stress, Weight Loss Or Maintenance, Hormonal Balance, Reduce Symptoms of Illness and Disease
Economic range of Ayurveda/Herbal Products PAN India.
Minimizes Inflammation, Cleansing the Body, helps prevent diabetes and diabetes
Clinically tested and Govt. approved Wide range of Ayurveda medicines and products

Our Business Associates

we are brilliant Business Associates
Kishor Kumar
Kishor Kumar

He is a Short film maker and Soft Skill trainer with 20 years of in-house and on field experience in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. He has won 6 National awards and directed 25+ short films till date. He has trained over 5000 students.


She is Post graduate with co operation subject. She has rich experience of sales, marketing and training. She is passionate about inculcating and nurturing good habits in children. She has worked with top 10 companies among FORTUNE 500. She is good at multiple intelligence analysis.

Tejesh Pandya
Tejesh Pandya

He has commitment to build a strong financial model for farmers to connect produce directly to consumers by strategically managing our current programs.

Parthiv Vyas
Parthiv Vyas

He has committed to build a strong networking between manufacturer and customer to create good business with unity and also he has expertise in problem solving with last 17 years experience of industry. Moreover He is an Outstanding Understanding Of Multiple Intelligence Theory,